Farm Produce

We do not use any artificial pesticides or fertilisers for food production at Cloudcroft. Instead we focus on building soil fertility and health through the application of lots of organic matter. We also minimise soil disturbance and tillage through the use of permanent raised beds and the extensive use of mulch. The result is great tasting, highly nutritious food that doesn't cost the earth. 


We sell the majority of our produce via the Daylesford Sunday Market. We do not currently offer on farm sales, however, we can arrange delivery within the Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford area for larger orders. Contact


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We grow both red and white 'Turban' garlic for our main early season crop; as well as another mid season crop of 'Rocambole'.


Our cold frosty winters give a fantastic depth and robustness to our garlic. You will definitely notice the difference in flavour compared to supermarket garlic!   

As well as single bulbs, we hand plait traditional garlic braids which look great hanging in the kitchen. We also cold smoke some of our garlic with maple wood using a artisinal 72hr process which imparts a delicious sweet smokey flavour to your cooking. 


The acidic soils and cold winters are Cloudcroft are the perfect environment for northern highbush blueberries. These plants require long cold periods over the winter to set their super sweet blue fruit. 

We have four varieties growing which when mature will mean we have fruit available from mid December through until late March. 


Our blueberries will be ready for their first commercial harvest in the summer of 2022/23.


In addition to our main crops of garlic and blueberries we also produce a small amount of mixed seasonal veg for sale. This includes pumpkins, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, lettuce etc. 

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